Our Methodology

Our unique process of organization and design at Bright Living transforms our clients’ spaces as well as their lives. 

Bright Living is a philosophy and a way of life. 

The result of our affordable and customized services provide continuous lifestyle improvement.

Clients find the freedom to truly relax and enjoy their space.

We work to help each client find their BLiS (Bright Living System.) 

We create these systems so that your new found organization and design can be easily maintained.

Here is our Methodology to finding your BLiS:

Sort & Purge

This is the most important and challenging step. We call it purging because it adds an emotional level to the process rather than just getting rid of things. It is this emotional level that we deeply respect for every job, knowing that each client is different. There are many reasons why we accumulate “stuff.” We help our clients discover these reasons. Together we determine the significance or purpose of these items and create a specific place to house them or we “purge” them. Our goal is to guide people through this overwhelming task. The result of this process for clients is a sense of relief, a new found respect for the things they own, a clear vision on how to keep their space clean, and the ability to live in their home clutter free.

Be Eco-Inspired

The core of being Eco Inspired for us is to consume less and waste less. It is not about throwing everything out and buy new items. Instead we encourage our clients to use what they have and bring new life to their things with creative repurposing.

Of course getting rid of unnecessary items is a huge part of the process. So we expose our clients to local recycling resources for all discarded items including donation centers, charities, online selling, consignment stores or even hosting a garage sale.

Being Eco Inspired not only creates environmental responsibility, it also ends up being economically friendly too! Money is saved by using existing items when available, and clients receive tax deductions offered by donation centers.

Focus on Function

Your space might look stylish, but if it doesn’t function it won’t look good for long. We work with clients to create easily followed and organized systems. From work flow in the kitchen, to managing paper clutter in the office, to a place where they can always find their keys.


Everyone has style, we just have to find it! We help clients discover their design qualities from many sources. Such as items they already have, the color of their clothes, their favorite vacation spot, or even just a specific feeling they want to have when they enter the space. The key to good design and function is research. Listening to how the client sees his or her space based on their own style, schedules, and habits. We continually keep up to date on the latest products, designs, and trends by educating and inspiring ourselves. Our passion for creating beautiful and organized spaces comes from our desire to change people’s lives.

Follow Up

Included with every job is a follow up session within 3 months of the project completion. We strongly believe in these sessions, they help clients stay motivated and accountable to their newly organized and designed space.

In this session where we go through the space and either praise a job well done, or brainstorm solutions if they are having problems keeping things organized.

With every client we have truly seen a transformation of life style and decrease of stress level. Once they see how amazing their space can be they never go back to a cluttered life!