Bright Living Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your care in designing our home, our business, our lives! You have helped us tremendously. I'm so grateful for everything you have done for us. We would be in such a different place without all your work!

S.M. West Hollywood CA

Bright Living provided excellent guidance and gave me a much-appreciated hand by turning the house I rented into a home. I've been in the military for over 12 years and I've moved 5 times in that period. Moving is always hard and it can seem easier to leave your space barely functional with boxes unpacked and items hastily organized. Coriann had a great attitude and assisted me with placing my furniture, determining what would stay and what would go, and giving everything a place so I could find it. We went through 12 years worth of clothes and military gear and she helped me to decide what I needed and what to donate. She even went through local listings with me to help find some essentials (like my entertainment center) I didn't already own. Coriann’s patience and persistence were keys to the whole process. I can’t imagine getting that type of help from anyone else. When I am at home now, I am at ease because I know where things are and where they belong. I've been deployed several times and this time, thanks to Bright Living, I feel I have truly come home!

P.F. Monterey, CA

Coriann makes your life better and the world you live in simply feel good. She helped me edit a closet filled with memories. Although the clothing was beautiful, and the memories special, I really didn't need a lot of it anymore. So as part shrink, part organizer, we worked to create an amazing space filled with just the right clothes, for right now. It's a show piece in my home and I love it. She's patient, has a great sense of design, and is can do. Since then, we have worked on other organizing projects in my home, and I'm better for it. It just feels right.

L.F. Santa Monica, CA

When Coriann and her team arrived on the scene, they encountered a family in organizational disarray. Looking for the simplest things, from batteries, to bandaids, was a grueling process. On top of this, we had never had anyone come in and consult with us on design and making our home look and feel like some real thought was put into the aesthetics. Bright Living changed all that. We are now organized, and the interior design makes us proud to welcome guests, creating a more enjoyable living environment for all. And as needed, the team comes back to inspect/re-org and ensure that we are maintaining discipline. Its a no-brainer for anyone in search of more order, beauty and control in their home life.

J.L. Brentwood, CA

Thank you Coriann & Carli for all you wonderful, friendly, and calm help in getting us super organized. What a relief!

J.F. Sherman Oaks, CA

Coriann and the Bright Living team helped two working professionals with a young child, another child on the way, and an elder relative finish a complex move. Not only did the team get us settled in our new home faster than we thought possible, Coriann helped us streamline and organize so that we'll be ready for the future. Coriann and her team were professional, responsible, and friendly--in addition to being heavily armed with label makers.

D.T. Pasadena, CA

Coriann, it is difficult to put into words how incredibly thankful I am to you. You are truly an angel that God put on this earth to spread wisdom, light, beauty, and order. You have given my husband and I a new life! This is such a blessing and a way of living that I have never known. I love spending time in the apartment and more than that I’m actually cooking & cleaning more naturally. As a couple we feel closer than ever because we bonded so much over this process Thank you for all you have done for us.

C.P. Manhattan, NY

Working with Bright Living was a fantastic experience. We were hesitant at first. The idea of going through our closet seemed like a daunting task. After successfully putting it off for 4 years, we finally caved in and realized we needed a change. Coriann came in and completely re-organized and re-designed the entire space. Its amazing how I thought I had things arranged in the best possible way, but in reality it was just a big mess. Coriann takes you through a step by step process that enables you to keep what you need in the best arrangement for whatever type of closet or room you have. I have never felt so happy walking into my closet in the morning! Even my husband says he likes his clothes more now than ever before! I highly recommend Bright Living for any home organizational project.

R.B. Studio City, CA

Coriann, Thanks for your lovely note, but I'm the one who should be thanking you for all your time, effort and positive results in making Mom's move so good. Dealing with a 92 year old who is fixed in her ways and has strong opinions on things is never easy, but Mom raved about the efficiency and quality of your effort. it made my job really easy as I was only the cheerleader sitting on the sidelines more than 3000 miles away. In addition to all the good work you did, your approach was perfect and you were able to ease Mom through some changes that could have been threatening or disruptive for someone her age. You were quite clever on several occasions and you made her feel comfortable and happy with the move.

L.C. Vineyard Haven, MA

I could not have redecorated my apartment without the help of Bright Living. After taking the time to truly understand my personal design ascetic and plans to maximize my living space, Coriann came up with a vision and then implemented a design that was within my budget and exceeded my expectations. She has so many unique and beautiful ideas and at the same time I was very impressed by the way she filtered and refined the ideas I had. My entire household is so much happier with the new, updated look and I feel so much more at home in the space.

A.K. Los Angeles, CA

I'm a bachelor, and consider myself fairly trendy, so I was in need of someone to help pull together my new condo! Coriann to the rescue... and what an absolute pleasure it was to work with her! Her workmanship is outstanding and she has an eye for detail that is unrivaled. After purchasing a former rental condo that was in great need of design help (in addition to plenty of TLC), Coriann helped me transform the unit into an amazing, modern home that blows everyone away. Everything from paint (bold accent walls included), to furnishings (replaced every bathroom fixture, new rug), to lighting (all types), and wall decoration plans to boot! Without Coriann, I would have been lost. She is very skilled in her work, absolutely trustworthy, diligent and detail oriented. I would recommend her 10x over!

R.L. Chicago, IL