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The ultimate power lunch alter ego is an energetic wellness program that you can do during your lunch.


The idea is if you took that time, that pause, that break that you have in the midst of your work day and dedicated it to your evolutionary path and to see what happens when you add a little bit of pleasure into your day, very intentional pleasure. 


Because pleasure is an energy, it is a frequency that we hold when we feel anything pleasurable.


So we want to activate that frequency by shifting our presence, our energy in our body into a state of pleasure and that we can sustain that for about an hour or 30 minutes or 20 minutes. 


But if we intentionally took a fraction of that time for a practice of breath work, meditation and movement, you'll be able to activate that pleasure.


And bringing in that energy can help guide the rest of your day, the rest of your presence, the rest of your time, your energy. 

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Guide it towards pleasure, to a life of pleasure and to finding out more and more what that means for you. Finding out more and more the power that you have when you follow a life of pleasure and that is a unique and specific journey. 


It is different for every single person what that looks like, what that would mean. That is your tapestry of karma. But that we awaken from a sedentary life that has made the human condition and experience be automated.


A sedentary life of just sitting all day in front of a task. We're standing on your feet all day but doing the same task over and over again. Anything that you feel that is numbing you from being in a life of pleasure to a heavy burden of responsibilities because we don't have our needs. 

Alter Ego (1).png

Basic needs of human life are met without generating income, without generating money and then handing that money right back over to those who hold the money and the control, those entities that have created needs and connected those needs to commerce. You need to eat. Here's food you have to buy. You need water here's water you have to pay for. You need shelter here's shelter that you have to pay for.


So we've conditioned ourselves to live within a society where this is the experience. But we can awaken from automation. We can be here in this human experience and also know that we are energetic beings in this expression in order for that source, the universal source of energy, to continue to expand. And this expression is an expansion.

Alter Ego (1).png

It's a heroic expansion. Here is wrapped around the ego, the fear that controls any expression. 

The fear that says it's not okay to be who you are.

Here is the assigned and controlled version of you. Put this mask on and don't take it off. Our only suffering or pain or loss will be felt.




There was a moment in our own personal journey, a deep, healing moment, because we had been given the wisdom that pleasure is a path to evolution. And we followed that wisdom and discovered that it was true.


And we went on a heroic journey to take off that mask and our assignment to remember our truest expression and what it feels like to be able to exist in that every single day. 

To be free of a binary. 

There was not a part of who we are. 

Alter Ego (1).png

From the very moment born into this world knowing and feeling this body's expression and being able to finally feel that after decades of suppression, that energy is liberated.


Pleasure became our own, and it came in the form of a practice. A dedication to awakening and taking. More and more of that mascot began to explore the altar eco. Not the assigned one, but the one that felt so good.


This is our invitation to join us on this journey. A continued practice of following your pleasure into your truest self.


Pleasure is your power and this is your Power Lunch.

Alter Ego (1).png
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