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Follow the journey of Spatial 

Energy Designer Eden Bright

as they guide clients to the life 

changing power of transforming

the energy in their homes. 


Known to many as the House Witch

A documentary series about a modern day mystic. AMERICAN HOUSE WITCH follows the life and creations of Eden and their company Bright Living, as they change the lives of their clients through the POWER of  space. 


Recovering from the stay-at-home-mandates…now more than ever people are faced with the four walls that surround them everyday. 

An AWARENESS is breaking through that this impacts how folx feel about their lives and ultimately themselves. 


As we enter into a time of re-building...Eden and their team help people see that it's not just about rebuilding life, it's about DESIGNING IT.


Design an entirely different LIFE that is even more beautiful, more fun, more peaceful, more in FLOW...and that can begin with creating spaces we live and work in that evoke the same feeling. 

F R A N C H I S E  (1).png
F R A N C H I S E  (1).png
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