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We are organizing a movement.

A movement towards advancing mental and physical health for women folx. 

Our health becomes our power. If you are ready to claim your power and your health, we welcome you to The Sacred Pause community. 

Starting in September our community will band together on a 3 month long journey into celibacy.

Pause on Penetration.

Enter into Pleasure. 

If you are ready to exit the Patriarchy this is our strategy. 

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This is an intentional community that will come together in small groups in support of our celibacy practice. We will meet once a week for three months.  

Great change is needed, and great change is possible with support and unity. 

Celibacy has often been associated with religious doctrine, but rest assured we are not religious. We are anarchists. We are racially diverse. We are queer. We are womb bodies. 

The principles behind celibacy is that we have the opportunity to come into our own energy, because we are pausing on the penetrating energy of others. Where we normally give our energy to others, we now cultivate it for ourselves.  

This cultivation allows us to awaken to the power of our OWN energy, and this is something that the patriarchy has kept from us. 

Starting in September we will focus our community time and practice on cultivating this power through:

  • Pleasure

  • Prosperity

  • Protection

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Self-pleasure is a powerful skill to learn. This first month of our celibacy journey is to detox our minds from the connection that pleasure only comes from penetration and/or another's presence.  

When your pleasure is in your own hands, you can truly own your power. 

This month of celibacy…may just be one of the sexiest experiences ever. 

There will be support groups for those who want to be apart of this movement and are currently in partnership.  It is important that you and your partner feel supported and aligned during your practice. 

The Sacred Pause: About


What does it mean to live in Prosperity?

What does it mean to feel like you are thriving?

For so many folx in our community, life has felt like just surviving in some way. What we know is that there have been many suppressive systems in place that keep marginalized groups from thriving. 

During this month we will take a deeper look into these suppressive systems. To learn about them and to begin to dismantle them in our own lives. 

This is an experiment to see what would happen in your life if you paused on participating in these systems. Allocating your time, energy, and money into your thriving…instead of into your suppression. 

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Fear is the breeding ground for control. Our own safety has been compromised within the current governmental systems. A tactic to manipulate us into fear for our bodies and lives, so that we can be controlled. 

But what happens when we no longer fear our own safety, because we know how to be our own protectors?

During this month we will be sharing the many ways that you can claim your own protection.  This is a space to learn about everything from legal civil rights advice, to self-defence, to energetic protection. 

By gaining this knowledge and training, we can channel our rage toward our own protection.

The Sacred Pause: About

Connect with us

Please leave your information below if you would like to be a part of this movement and community. You will receive updates as we continue to organize and grow.

Would you be interested in a leadership role within your area?
Would you be able to make a monthly donation for 3 months to support our efforts and fund raise for Women's Rights non-profits?

Thanks for submitting!

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